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Who We Are

Kidsbuzz is owned by Tanya Kriel and it is comprised of private social workers who provide a variety of intervention and therapeutic services. Clients may use our business premises (where supervised visitation, interactional analysis, bonding therapy, and integration therapy are required), or our social workers can travel anywhere within Gauteng to provide these services at a mutually agreed upon venue between parents.


We understand that children’s physical and emotional status, as well as their social and cognitive development, greatly depend on their family dynamics. Some children and parents struggle to cope with the increasing stresses they experience, even more so in separated and broken homes. We therefore offer a space for parents and children to have safe interaction with one another. In addition, we offer therapeutic services to both parents and children to ensure they are equipped with coping skills and that they are provided with the necessary therapeutic support.


Due to factors such as those stated above, or as a result of the phenomenon of Parental Alienation that may lead to strained relationships, our premises and services offer mutual ground to ensure both parents have the opportunity to build a healthy relationship with their children, no matter what the age.

Services Offered

Bonding Therapy

Integration Therapy

Supervised Visitations


Forensic Investigations

Home Assessments

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